Most people wouldn’t say that selling their home was their favorite part of moving. Deanne Gosse is the exception. She and her husband bought their first home in Arizona as a vacation bungalow - a sunny escape from the cold of their native Newfoundland Canada.

When Deanne earned a visa enabling her to live and work in the U.S., the couple realized that their vacation home was too small to be a permanent solution. Plus, the commute to Deanne’s new job was an excruciating 90 minutes.

To put their home on the market the traditional way, they would’ve had to put all their furnishings and belongings in storage, spruce up the house, and do some landscaping in the backyard. Instead, Deanne sold to Houselo and skipped the hassle. This gave her enough flexibility to figure out financing to purchase her new home, and move out on her own timeline. Not bad for someone who’d never sold a home in the U.S.